Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pietro is pissed!

Ok the world cup is over. Not that I am too happy at the fact that it is, but, I do miss going home and waiting for each game. It took me a few days to finally sit down and write about my finals experience.

As you can tell I love my football. And in case you did not know I support France. I am very proud at the fact that they made it to the finals. In fact during the qualifiers my heart sank thinking that they might not even make it to the world cup. But they did and they wowed people by going as far as they did.Anxiety was running high during the game. I feel that the 2nd half was owned by the French. But the moment i saw Viera, Henry, Ribery and the red card on Zidane, I knew it was over. And then I saw Trezeguet come in. It was confirmed in my mind and heart that he was gonna screw it all up. I guess my gut was right. My heart stopped when he came forward to take the penalty. In my heart I knew he was gonna miss, not get blocked, but MISS! That was it. He missed and i knew it was over.

All in all I shall not say that we deserved to win. Because the way both teams played, it was a 50/50 thing. In fact Italy played well. And the result was fair. For the record, i accept the result. France lost!We did! I accept it.But here is why i am so upset. Why is it that people in general jump on the boat of the winners all the time. Example. After the game was over, every Italian fan in the house was screaming out their lungs out. I on the other hand was sitting down with head down wondering how all this happened. Suddenly a friend runs up to me and starts screaming in my ear "Italy is the best... we beat you guys....i knew they were gonna win it for the beggining... viva la italia" FIrst of all the word "VIVA" is reserved for the France cheers "Viva La France". FOr italy it's "Forza Italia" I am not even an italian fan but i know that much.

Secondly this is the same person who watched the game with me between France and Brazil and told me he is a hardcore France fan and he has supported them since he was a kid and was overjoyed to the point of tears when France beat Brazil. So what happened to his love and support for the team when they lose. Immediately he jumps on the bandwagon and supports Italy. Of course! THat is the only logical thing to do.

That was not it. Suddenly i am getting sms's left right and center from people who i did not even know liked watching football or who I knew supported other teams with lots of VIVA la Italia! How is this possible? I came home that night upset with the loss but even angrier at the fact that people had to rub it in. Do not get me wrong... If you are really an Italian fan then I salute you. I figured it out though. Human nature loves to put people down especially when they are the lowest. My friends and generally people who knew i was passionate about France knew they would add salt to the wound by saying it to my face. For those people who I know suport italy i accept their comments and screams. Because I would have done the same thing. But for those who just decided to support italy cos they were the favorites going in.. well... i am speechless.I guess the most politcally correct word is "lalang".

Remember when Chelsea were nobodies in the Premier League. Suddenly they win the premiership and you see people wearing their jerseys everywhere. But when you ask them what is the name of the goalkeeper.... *silence*. SIgh.

But to end this off. Congratulations Italy. A deserved win.

On a lighter note. I was in a shopping complex yesterday and as I was paying for my parking someones car alarm went off. THere were 3 security guards next to me. They did not even flinch. In fact they carried on with their conversation and proceeded back into the complex. While the alarm was still going on. As i walked back to my car i decided to just peek into the car to see there was no girl grasping for life as someone pinned her down. No sense of urgency whatsoever!

It reminds me a couple of years back when I was in a Mamak next to a bank. It was 3am. The bank alarm went of. 2 minutes later the authorities arrived, which impressed the hell out of me with coming so fast. But they get out of the car and sit down at the Mamak and order a teh tarik. Mind you the bank alarm is blaring. In fact they look angry at the fact that it's making so much noise. So me and my friends make fun of it and decided to be good citizens and decided to make an emergency call which they stated they will send a someone to check it out. Me and my friends were there for another hour with no sign of anything more than a guy peeking into the bank to see if he could see anything in a pitch black bank.

Sigh. Your thoughts?


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lasagna said...

hey bro, rmbr Zizou & France still da best.. :D

Anonymous said...

well those are call the fame supporter.
chelsea is a great example of aLL !!


Brown Sugar said...

I'm a hardcore Portugal fan, but that night I just did not want France to win again. Sorry Pietro. Heh.