Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pictures of the Godson

Taken just before going to church for the baptism

Feeding time

OK this interesting, my nephew (left) and my cousin (right). Uncle is 6 months younger than the nephew.

Godpa an Godson early in the morning

Naked happy

Random shot

Remember ok it's a boy!

How could you not love a face like that!


yanz said...

wohhhhh so damn cute liao! but pietro u oso "comel" wat.. hihi.. >_<

oh ya, send my loving heart to murat if he coming bck to kL ya! wish my belated birthdy to him... thks!

i wanna drink said...

Oh so adorable!!!

Congrats! =)

laineylashes said... duck duck..!!
hahahaha :D

he's wuvly..:D