Monday, October 09, 2006

Speak English La!!

Right so in case you didn't know... I act! Well it actually no big deal. But if you watch some of the non engish channels on Astro you might have caught this short 2 minute segment called "Speak English LA!"

It's basically 3 people. Sazzy Falak, Jesminder Kaur and myself. The idea is wemake scenarios where malaysian will use bad english and then someone wil explain themistake and we will re-do the whole scene. It's no big deal but it plays daaaamn alot. Being the only guy, i get to play husband or boyfriend to other girl so it's very nice for me.

I get recognised more for this show than as Radio DJ.

Anyway i thought i would share some pics we took during our last shoot.

Me and Sazzy reading lines. The crew is always tickled at how i manage to hide the scripts during shoot. Cos i ain't good at memorising lines so i hide the script and read it during shoot.

They asked me to build a house of cards for one of he shoots which had to be blown away for one of the scenes!

Sazzy dying to sleep and dying of heat exhaustion.

Waiting for crew setup which can be painstakingly boring.

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