Saturday, October 14, 2006


To those of you who are children of the 80's you might remember this movie called "Tron" . At the time it was the sci-fi movie of the year. Actually it's a real damn good movie. They even made a video game out of it.Well needless to say that Tron is a legend of a movie. So anyway

The great people of ADIDAS came out with this line called "ADICOLOR" and they made a model called "Tron" It's amazing. So when i was invited to a media sale or Adidas gear at the Adidas Main office today, I knew i had to get a pair. And everthing was 50% off!!!! And I am not the only one who got em. Practically all of Pop Shuvit got a pair


And of course i could not stop there. Had to get your essential Adidas Jacket. The old school stuff. Check it!

They also have a line called the Muhammad Ali line. (in case you didn't know he was a boxer. probably the best that ever lived) Well i got something from that line as well.

And of course to appease the Gods, I got something for the girlfriend.

So all in all it was a very good day. Everyones happy. Adidas, my ex-boss Darren who is now the MD at Adidas and of course my Credit Card Company.

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xromantica said...

I so wanted the jacket you got your girlfriend when I first saw it in the adidas website.

But then I got over adidas, oh well.