Sunday, October 01, 2006

Congrats Liz and Kaz

A real good friend of mine got married today. Well they got registered a few months back and tonight was their wedding banquet. I must say that the whole preperation was really cute. From the bubbles coming out of the flower displays all round the wedding hall to the change of lightings for the whole hall to change the moods. It had Liz ideas all over it. Even pink.. i repeat PINK M&M's. Was very nice and sweet.

Anyway I din have time to talk to the bride and groom cos I had to rush off to another wedding. So Liz if you read this, I'd like to wish you and Kaz

Good Luck
Good Health
Good Love
Good Sex

This is a picture i took of the wedding card, napkins that were designed for the night and the lil ice cream stick was like a entry to the hall with your name and tale number written on the other side. Cute. I ate the pink M&M before i got home

If you want to see more pics then *click*

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Kaz & Liz said...

its a tongue depressor (from the doc's) :P not ice cream stick..hehe..wished had time to chat with you on Sat night..crazy busy trying to see everyone..was there really bubbles from the flowers? i didnt even know..thanks so much for coming dude..u didnt take the gift coz u left early...will pass it to you another day and u can take a picture of the rest of the stuff with it :P