Friday, October 27, 2006

Kinkybluefairy's advice!

If you guys don't know who kinkybluefairy is well , scroll down the right side of this page till you see her name and click it. She is probably one of the most read blogs I know about. I love how she names everyone uniquely!

Anyway we were at a friends open house for Raya a few days ago and I asked her what to blog about. And she said "Just RANT".

So I am gonna try that today. Since i have a lot of rants that i never bothered to talk about.. well here goes. Trust me it could be a long read.

Malaysia Service Industry!

I mean c'mon how hard is it to have service with a smile. I have gone to tons of fast food outlets and even tho here is about 20 ppl behind the counter there is only 1 counter open. And everyone else is just hanging around. I mean the least they can do is act busy.

And drive throughs! I mean isn't it an alternative to make things go faster. But no. I waited a whole 20 minutes waiting to get to my turn. Here is what the damn cashier did

1. Took the order
2. Punched it in
3. Asked for payment
4. Waited for me to get money out of my wallet
5. Took the money
6. Punched it in
7. Got my change
8. Proceded to make my order
9. Waited for my order
10. And the finally i got my food.

I mean after taking my order he could have made the order so while i was getting the money ready he could have done step 8 - 10.

ANd if you are in a restaurant, especially classy ones... the least you could is train your staff to know how to pronounce items on the menu o rmaybe just know how to smile instead of tossing you the menu and going "Yes?"

Nice guy always finishes last

I just got some upsetting news. A few months ago some friends of mine got into some trouble and today i found out they thought I was the one who started it and i was the one adding the fire to it. But in fact I was the one trying to protect them and stuff. It saddens me when things like this happen.

ok enough ranting. will save some for later posts. how did i do kinkyblue?

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