Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Glow Stick Shoes

Wishing all readers, friends and loved ones.


And as the saying goes. Maaf Zahir Batin.

Anyway, remember a few posts ago i wrote about the shoes that Ean and Adam got for me from Nike. Well it wasn't till a few days ago that i found out they glowed in the dark. And not only do they glow! It looked like i stepped on a pile of toxic waste. I call them my glow stick shoes. I mean just look at the picture!

So anyways I am waiting for the perfect event when i can wear them out and watch them glow like crazy. Honestly the first day i found out it really freaked me out. When i come home at nights and see them they look kinda ghostly.

ANd just in case i din tell you my housemate "Ze German" bought my dream car. An Airtrek. It's such a sweet ride. Heres a pic of me admiring his moon roof. "OOOOOOOH". I am so kuno!


Sheng Yuen said...

wow cool shoes haha how come it took u so long to realise it can glow?
probably you should wear it to the club or something
and take la the pic of the Airtrek from outside haha

Ashley said...

love the shoes, im trying to find some like this for my b.f. do u know where i can order them from? my email is skittles77642@yahoo.com