Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Mix FM Studio

Alright if you ever wondered what the inside of the mixfm radio station looks like. Well here are some pictures which i "borrowed" from Natalie's blog. thanks Nat.

Righto so this is what our view looks like from where we sit.

A bit of a better zoom of stuff on the left. As you can see we got 6 lines. If the 6th line blinks, most of the time it means you are in trouble. Cos that is the line the bosses call you at.

This is what our playlist looks like. Where you see "live liner - backsell new song" well that means we got to talk.

The volume controls. DUH!

And of course our wonderful photographer deciding to show us what it looks like when we go on air. Thanks Nat!


I decided to put in some pics of me in the studio as well


CrazyLobster said...

Looks very interesting.

Sofia said...

I honestly thought that the yellow thing was a big glass of OJ. Heeee.

Jo said...

that's what i said!!! :)

iris skye said...

Stupid studio is freaking cold all the freaking time until some retard turns off the A.C

I remember melting in there once at like 2am when a friend was on air.