Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I came back from Penang last week on thursday specifically to check out my housemate Murat play in Laundry. They call themselves International Groove Collective, check out their site at http://www.myspace.com/igcollective. They only played 1 set but it was a good set. So i told myself that I was gonna take pics with as many ppl as i can. And below is the result of shutter rage!

Ean made me do this. He said go as close to the stage as possible and take a pic with the band

The band. Aaron on vocals, Nazim on Guitars, Nelson on Bass and Ze German on drums

The very cool Vivien Linggi. Big sister to a very close friend of mine Ninien

The ever popular kinkybluefairy, but i know her as Joyce

I got "kinky-ed" Joyce printed lil stickers and was sticking them everywhere. I also got one in my wallet

Ng Ewe Hock or known to the world as "ah boy". Probably one ofthe best reflexes i have seen on a foosball player. He and Alex Ooi were the 2004 World Rookie Doubles Champions. Yes i said it "WORLD"

Apsara who is my housemates cousin and Dhanya. This is picture number 2 because like al girls they needed to QC the first one and decided to take another.

Ryan, Me, Shaul and Megat. It was Shauls Birthday that night

Clara, one of the more gutsy chicks i know but found out that the thing she hates most is anyone telling her she can't do something. She says her ego is too big for ppl to say crap about her.

Iris. A good friend that pops up every now and then. Love the blusher... was it blusher?

Kevin and the famous laineylashes. Kevin you need to open your eyes when you take pics man.

And another Liverpool fan gets converted. Sunil who was an ardent Liverpool fan decided to give in to greatness and wear the crown! Hahahah kidding. I forced it on him. But i bet he is contemplating it

The gang after the performance

Wayne aka Pondok Boy and Eng Soon

My cousin Ryan and his new friend Elaine

Julie of Absolute Football fame. I think she was wearing a lingirie top that night. But hey I ain't complaining


Sunil said...

Am not!

*sings You'll Never Walk Alone!!!*

??? said...

IGC = International Groove Collective rite?

Moe said...


International Groove Collective



Check it out here: http://www.myspace.com/igcollective

iris skye said...

i was turning red but not quite yet la.


Sunil said...

hey iris why can't access your profile? Keeping it real? :D

Sain† said...

It's Vivien la.. she'll kill u if she sis vivian ( wrong spelling )