Monday, November 20, 2006

I met Ryan Star pt.2

Ok so I met Ryan Star. I must admit i didn't know head or tail about the guy except he was one of the contestants for Rockstar Supernova. So once i knew i had to interview the guy Ihad to do my research on him and listen to his stuff. Must admit his music is pretty decent.

Anyway the day came that I had to interview him and honestly I din really look forward to it cos I didn't think i knew enough about the guy. So he showed up in the studio and he looked like he was in a real bad mood. I mean he looked tired and bothered. So I mentioned to the organisers to get him to chill out if not it won't be a god interview.

So the interview went on and i found out that he is actually a pretty decent and down to earth kind of guy. I mean it might be all the PR training he got but i genuinely saw him as a nice guy. We even had a problem about something we asked him to do and he didn't want to do it. And he apologised for it the whole night.

So anyways if you want to to know more then ask me cos I don't think all my readers are big Ryan Star fans so I shall not bore them.

By the way the showcase was real good and you can tune in to to listen to his new song which he has not recorded yet called 1159 (pronounced "eleven fifty nine")

Ok before i carry on the next few pictures you will see me sitting on Ryan's lap. This is because the 2 girls in this picture, Laurine and Sherlyn wanted to so Ryan thought I should just jump on the bandwagon and take pictures while sitting on his lap


FireAngel said...

oh I seethe with jealousy.
oh hate i abhor thee.

evan lau said...

pray tell, what happened? wat was he apologising for? hehe..

cynthia :) said...

Ah! i am i am! the reader of pietro blog and bigbigbig Ryan Star fan :D

ryan's eyes still look super smouldering sexy in the first pic. was he wearing eye makeup of some sort? like he does in his performances.

Hee Hee Heeeeee! *excited smitten schoolgirl*

Anonymous said...

oh please do tell all about the interview! What didnt Ryan want to talk about...wha was he apologizing about all night? And yes, from what i know about Ryan he IS an awesome guy!!

rowenajulez said...

What happened? What was he apologising about all night? Tell us more of the interview!

Ryan IS awesome and his showcase was awesome too!

It was the best night of my life.