Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Living in A Box

Would you live in a box for 7 days to win RM50,000. Well these guys would.

First lets get some details. They can't bathe they can't even brush their teeth.

Heres what happens. If you guys go down to The Curve, head on down to the concourse area. You will see a huge glass tank and in there you will see 4 people chilling out. They got to stay in there for 7 days and try and decorate their rooms. The winner walks away with 50K.

Each day they win challenges which wins them money or rewards. Like massages or a nice meal. But they got to eat and sleep in their respective boxes. Of course we give them toilet breaks every 2 hours. It's quite a sight. It's like going to the zoo but humans are on display.

Go check it out ok.

Me with the contestants. Hanson, Thevagi, Shayne and Siva

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