Monday, November 27, 2006

You know you are a mat rempit when.....

1. You have less than RM5 in your wallet
2. You think you have a job
3. Your idea of biker wear is jeans, t-shirt and
japanese slippers
4. You think you are superman
5. You think helmets are used during rain to cover
your head from getting wet
6. You have tons of biker friends that speak a
language that only you understand
7. You think your bike is the most powerfull bike
in the world
8. Your soon to be girlfriend would have at
leastslept with 7 of your friends
9. Your current girlfriend is sleeping with 4 of
your friends
10. You bet your girlfriend during races cause you
only have RM1 for the tarik later
11. You can maintain a cup of teh tarik for a
minimum of 4 hrs before you order another
12. You only need RM10 for the weekend (RM5 for
petrol and RM5 for bfast, lunch and dinner)
13. You dont know how to interpret traffic signs
14. You cant understand the traffic light colours
and the meaning
15. You dont know how to use your turn signal
16. You think you are smart
17. You loiter with your friends outside some
clubs (cant go in cos money)
18. You shop at the bundle store
19. You love to loiter around any kinda entrance
20. You sit in the mencangkung position while
21. Your gf=A1=A6s panties stick out while they
are riding pillion
22. You share a pack of cigarette and a can of
Coke with 35 of your friends
23. Your gf would leave you for a 4 wheeler
24. You are ugly and dumb
25. You have a ekor hairstyle
26. You only know how to ride a bike (cant afford
the car)
27. You wear a cheap metal bracelet
28. You go to gigs and later have an orgy with
your friends
29. Your orgy involves 30 rempits and your gf (in
some abandoned building)
30. You run when you see Edisi Siasat crew
31. Your gf aborts her baby in the toilet once in
32. Your bike is much more expensive than your
33. You live in a 3 room terrace house with 15
other guys
34. You like to sit in the RM1 per song karoke
booths and sing
35. You rather spend money on your bike than to
buy your gf a bra from the pasar malam
36. You are pissed that the rokok batangs are
nowhere to be found anymore
37. You cant afford to smoke Dunhill
38. You are pissed with this article


Huei said...

34. You like to sit in the RM1 per song karoke
booths and sing

Hahahaha This is the best man!!! =)

Sabrina said...

I died laughing at this, copied and pasted it on mine :D

Happy belated birthday darl.

Dawn said...

Hilarious, awesome sh1t!

imeechong said...

sounds a lot like me...

but i don't sit at those RM1 per song karaoke booths..where can i find those ya?