Wednesday, October 05, 2005

10 days of holiday in a nutshell and then some

Ok so I have been neglecting updating the blog and telling you about my amazing holiday. Well i figured it was not that amazing so I would not bore you with daily details. So here is the compressed version.

Penang was pretty good. Spent a lot of time with family and friends. Most evenings were spent with Jo. Was good seeing her and hanging out with her. We spent most of our time in "Bed". Now before you jump to conclusions. Bed is a nice lil hangout in Pulau Tikus. They had free wi-fi there so we spent most evenings there la.

My nephew is sooo cute and highly energetic especially at night. And his older brother is a "cakap banyak". Here's some advice. Do not rationalise or argue with a 5 year old. Because the live in a world where things make sense only to them.

So penang was cool. Very nice and relaxing at times. My body clock was actually normal for a few days.

The it was off to KK. That was a whirlwind. Went with pop Shuvit. One of the more popular bands in Malaysia. They had a show in a place which ironically is called "Bed" as well that sits on the KK Waterfront. We arrived pretty late in the night so the option to go out and party was not there. So we decided to go eat. And then retired to our apartment. We did not have astro or in house tv so we were forced to watch terrestrial stations. Ended up wathing some documentary on England proceeded by some stupid malay comedy.

Next day we had sound check and then actually spent the afternoon napping. So much for sight seeing. But thanks to Intan & Nini for driving us around everywhere.

The show was amazing. KK locals rock!!! It was an amazing show. Even i got a chance to go on stage and rock with the guys. Ended up in another club in KK called Blue Note. Nice classy joint and it was not packed. Had fun dancing there. As you can see by the pics posted earlier. Then went to eat and rushed to the airport to catch my 6 am flight.

Does not seem like much but it was good to go away and really good to be back. Was good to sleep in my own bed. Play my PS2 and watch dvds without planning the day. Tonight i had fun in Bulldog with the guys. Jaclyn Victor joined us as well and she went on the mic a few times.

All in all this last week has started me thinking about people I meet. I believe in the reality that no one isncie to y ou for no reason. I mean in the initial stages la. Like everyone I meet for the first time, I am very cautious as to what their intentions are. It takes a long time before i give them trust and complete friendship. Probabnly why i have only very few close friends. And i am fine with that. In fact it's better for me. But I started to think about when the tables are turned and what people might think of me and my intentions.

I have met so many people over the course of the last few days and i think i need to slow down. Meeting people is amazing but meeting potential friends is getting tiring to keep up with. Who do you hang with and who do you not. I know it all seems confusing to you reading this. But I guess i am a point in my life where certaint hings need to be done and certain commitments and certain questions need to be answered and decisions need to be done. The problems is there are too many answers to every question. So much so i don't feel like looking at the questions. Relationships, friendships, family, career. Lots to think about. Whats right and wrong.

I guess ultimately i got a soft heart and I need to harden it up and start trying to do things that make me happy for a change and not worry what the perception of people is and that saying, doing or acting a certain way regardless is gonna hurt or offend someone anyway. So might as well just chill and try and have fun with my life.

Yes for the first time ever you have seen the serious and very confused side of Pietro Ambrose Felix.

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