Sunday, October 23, 2005

Was it Saturday?

So I slept at about 1 pm and woke up at about 7pm. Rushed on over to my event and once it was done I managed to rush home to catch a lil bit of football. Thank God Arsenal won even tho RObert Pires probably made the biggest embarassment in football history. Well you have to watch it to make any sense of what i just said.

Went over to Murats place to chill for a bit. Headed over to Hartamas Square to have supper with friends. But it was raining so we were pretty much stuck for awhile. Which was ok la.

Headed home and banged on the PS2 for a bit before heading out to work. Am a bit more relieved now that even my sunday mshift has been changed to a 6 am shift. It makes the sleeping pattern a li bit more bareable. Plans for today? None. Maybe dinner with the guys.

So far it's been a pretty decent and laid back weekend. The way i like it. Am looking forward to a nice week with hopefully some progress in life.

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