Saturday, October 22, 2005


Today was pretty amazing yet awesomely tiring. Well we had our normal friday meetings which meant i did not sleep till i got home which was about 12. So finished meeting and did some recordings, i rushed home to try and sleep as much as i could which i had to wake up at 4 pm. Well i was o tired i did not even hear 3 alarms clocks ring. Fortunately iw oke up at about 5 and rushed down to Grand Seasons hotel where were having a buka puasa with some kids from 2 orphanages.

Was real nice seeing so many smiling kids. It was good. Made me feel all tingly and stuff. Made me realise how lucky i was to have what i have and was in a position to put a smile on some peoples faces. Thank you God.

SOme of us proceded to head downstairs to chill out and catch up then it was off to heritage row for a li bit if partying and looseingni up. Which i did not know whether was a good idea since i had only got 3 hours of sleep. But it was a real nice night. Good friends around. We then went for supper and i rushed home to take a shower and proceded to work.

Of course i am dying to go home and sleep but got to work. GOnna try and get a full 8 hours of sleep today.

ALthough my world is in a bit of chaos it was nice to sit back and realise that there are things that i can do to help people smile and that of course i have good friends.

Thanks JC. You the man. I guess sometimes every cloud has a silver lining.

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