Thursday, October 27, 2005


Been having a good couple of days with good friends. It's been a while since i felt really happy with my friends and not worrying about anything. Like there are friends that are truely sincere friends and you know that you will know these same people when you are old. Like you will probably be taking your kids and grandkids to their houses for deepavali, raya, christmas and maybe some german holidays. Right Moe?

But the fact is nothing is worth sacrificing a friend for. I found some real friends who are on the same wavelength that I am in and i appreciate them a lot. hen you think of the variables that crush a friendship, you always think it's worth it at the time but it never is. Nothing beats friendship. The only thing that rivals that would be blissful love. Of course with the opposite sex la. Depending which side you pitch for.

So if you know you have a good friend and you appreciate their friendship. Let them know ok. It's not hard.

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