Saturday, October 08, 2005


What a easy going day. Lets see. I woke up close to 4pm. Decided i would stay in and play some more PS2. Am so happy cos I passed a stage on my "Need for speed Underground 2" which i thought i would not do for another few eeks. So as you might imagine i got a bit more engrossed int he game. Now if you do not understand the significance of it... well i dun even know how to explain it. But the stomach sort of vetoed any decision to stay put. So i decided to head on down to my apartments restaurant and have some rice and sweet and sour pork. Yummie.

Edwin called and so did Ean saying that they were in hartamas so what else was there to do but head on down to hartamas. As usual the normal clan was in breakers. But before entering I bumped into another clan. The Seaton Clan! Yeah my exes family and relatives were coming out of a restaurant just as i walked pass. It was good to see all of them and say hello. Of course you get the awkward silences and wonderment on what to talk about. But still it's nice to know that they still are cool with me.

Ean was doing a show in SOda so decided to popover and accompany him. It was weird cos we were in this place called Soda. It's like a different world. Like youc hill out in hartamas for so long and suddenly you walk into this place and it's a totally different crowd of people and even atmosphere. Was ok la.

Had some supper/dinner then went home to shower before heading off to work.

Thought about things a lil bit more today about my situation and decided to be patient. God knows the way and thing obviously happen for a reason. I guessi can't force my situation and when the time comes I know I will be happy. Yes once again I speak Greek. But some of the thing i say here are not for public knowledge it's just a note book of thoughts for myself.

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