Saturday, October 15, 2005


Yeah i know i have not been updating my blog for ages. Reason 1. Nothing special has happened and this week I have been doing Serena C's chift which is a very crazy shift and it won't allow me to write. So things have eased up a lil bit and finally have time to write.

Actually ther is not much really to update. Life is basically moving in a slow pace on the work scene. Social scene as well. Been going for some movie premieres. I highly recommend "Goal". Yeah it's a football movie but it's also for those that don't really like the sport as well. GOod story line

Obviously you have noticed that there are lots of entries earlier on to do with life and maybe even some soppy ones about relationship and stuff. Let's just say i am reaching some very weird times in the matters of the heart department.

Other than that life is good. Just that this week has been hard for me cos of the change of shift at work. So my body is real confused right now. And next week i got to go back to the graveyard shift . So need to get my sleeping pattern upside down again.

Well ok i can update on what i did today. Basically i finished work about 3 pm and went home to try and sleep so i could work out my body clock ovver again. Woke up at about 8pm. Had 4 options for a night out.

1. Loft with Moots and Melvin
2. Poppy with Coery and Sarina
3. Breakers with the gang
4. Murats place with Ash, Cammy and Jes

So sicne i hate going down to KL i opted for breakers. But i din even step into breakers. ALicia was there and she was going through some stuff and needed someone to talk to. SO i was in hartamas square to chat with her and then proceded to Murats place. Was nice. Watched bad boys 2, made sandwiches. Fun and cheap.

Stayed there till 4 am and then went home, took a shower and am at work now. Planing to sleep in the rest of the day and only come out for dinner tonight and watch some football.

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