Friday, October 07, 2005


Another uneventful day. Woke up and played the PS2 for a bit before heading out for dinner with Edwin in hartamas. There was not many people in breakers tonight so i ended up sitting in a booth downloading crap. Lots of MTV cribs to watch now.

Did some thinking about lots of things even till i came into work. And lo and behold what song plays!!! Superman - Five for fighting. In case you are not too close to me and don't know much about my dealings with music, that song is a bad omen for me. No lightning is not gonna strike me or anything. But lets just say the songs pops up in my lief every now and then when decisions have to be made or something or someone comes into my life. The song is basically a sign for me to "whoa nelly" and rethink certain things. So yeah I have not heard it in about 2 months. So trhe problem is now there is so many things happening in my life and so many thing I am thinking about that I don't know what the song is trying to tell me. I guess I will find out somewhere in this lifetime.

Ok don't get me wrong, my life ain't that in shambles. Just every once in awhile i like to sit back and take stock of life and it's glories. Actually life is pretty good. Just some loose ends every now and then.

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