Friday, September 29, 2006

Pictures from Penang

Mei Heng and Cynthia. I used to work with these guys in one of my earlier jobs as an admin person at informatics. The job was when i was 18 and these were the girls that used to tease the new guy. But i never compained.

Joyce Wong. Friend of mine from Church who used to live quite near me. I have not seen her in a good 9 years or so and she finally found me on Mixfm. Just had to meet up and catch up. She still looks the same!!!

Now its time for the dudes

Ee Meng. One of the guys that joined our group much later in life. Your typical chinaman.

Chee Key. Yeah his name is cute. Probably one of the few of us in the group not married yet. But i heard thats gonna change next year.

Kah Foo and Chee Wan. I was real close to Kah Foo Chee Wan a few years back. These guys were the dare devils of the group. But after many moons and marriage they decided to slow down on life

Julian and wife. He is one year older than us but has adopted our lil group of friends

Jack. Man of few words. But when those few words come out they usually get you laughing like crazy

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