Monday, September 18, 2006

GO gunners

After 5 games of not having a win against MU and a very bad start to the English Premeir League Season, last night i had my moment of bliss. Yes Arsenal beat MU 1 - 0. And what added to the joy was the fact that Arsenal beat MU on their home turf! I know i know, MU fans wil be eating me up saying stuff like...

Enjoy it while it lasts
Have you won European cups before?
Have you ever won the treble? We got history

and a whole lot of other excuses that seem to sound like they come from some MU fans excuse handbook. Which brings me to another point. How come everytime MU loses i hear stuff like

We were unlucky
You guys cheated
We are the best
You guys are w**kers
Wait till next game

I mean why can't you accept the fact that you lost the game. And let life move one. Instead they will pent up that frustration till the point their team finally wins and scream down your ear with stuff like

You guys suck
We are the treble kings
We got history
You guys are w**kers.

I mean why can't we llive in the present instead of pulling out stats and history. If th same players played for your team 10 years and now then you can talk. But think about it. Some of the members of yoru squad are from other parts of the EPL or other leagues that you used to hate as well. Just let it be.

Arsenal won today and i hope we can do it again next time. But from now till then i shall enjoy my victory.

To all MU fans, nothing personal just a few people around me who have an excuse or a glory come back for every mistake/victory MU makes.

I wish you all the best of luck and see you at Emirates in a few months.

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rick said...

well, guess that homo sapiens r all abt. Anyway, for me, i dun c the club but i wud prefer see the game itself. not interested to see who win or lose (unless i m betting which i dun), but how they win or lose for that matter.