Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How do i write a blog?

So i am sitting in the studio wondering what makes a blog so nice to read. I mean have to admit that i hav encountered some blogs of friends and some of complete strangers and i enjoy reading them. (look at links on your right) And i must say they are very entertaining and when i listen in on friends having conversations some of the names that pop up are names of these same people i know or read their blogs.

So my question is;

What makes a blog interesting?

Ok i notice these elements

---> Pictures
---> Your occasional video
---> Stupid entertaining stories about your friends
---> Very cute alternative words that drive your blog ala
---> Secrets
---> Information about oneself

Does the layout count? I mean obviously it does cos if you had a layout that was messy then no one would want to read it right? But content wise. Are blogs driven heavily on how many cool or cute pictures you can have on it?

Do you pick a topic and stick with that, which might get stale in later stages?

Ok what brought this around?

I read on that he got a writing job for a magazine because an editor stumbled on his blog. And likes the fact that he sometimes writes something controversial.

Well i could do that too... problem is

I don't care about controversy, politics, history or everything else that is controversial.

Unless i write about how my housemate seems to find new and innovative ways to leave his socks lying around.

I prefer to leave my friends private lives out of my blog cos i don't need their laundry hanging out in the open. Also cos they read this blog and might get a bit emo.

So if you have any ideas on how to spruce up this blog please lemme know. Or if you would like to pimp it... PLEASE DO.....or if you are an editor and need a free lance writer.... I NEED THE MONEY! email me *click*

Thank you and good night

notice i tried using colors and different color fonts. we shall see how it works


Horatio said...

yooo bro, 1 way to get ur blog 'noticed' is to comment at other ppl's blog. that is how to grab some attention. good luck.

lasagna said...

feel free to come & drop by blog.... =)