Thursday, September 07, 2006

The MIX Family

I realised that I have not introduced my new extended family. You've heard them on air but now i will give you the low down on what these ppl are really like.

Ika is a hottie. But behind those curls (not her real hair design by the way) Is actually a real cheecky playful woman. She sounds very profesional on air but she is just someone cool to talk to. Although you can see the effects of waking up every morning at 4.30. But still a sweetheart.

Richard is the coolest! He loves his diving and he loves his squash. THe way Richard is on air is exactly the way he is in real life. He is a walking joking chinaman. He can crack a joke any time. But he swears a lot obviously not on air la. As a matter of fact we all do off air

I love Shaz's voice. And she just became a mommy again. So she's got all this maternal instincts flowing out of her. I feel real comfy around her. And i feel like telling her all my problems. Well maybe not all.

Non is probably the most refined one among all of us. He looks good, dresses well, speaks well. No he is not gay la! I always seem to have some sort of weird conversations with him.

Natalie is a brand new entry to the MIX world. SHe is very bubbly and i love it everytime she tells me she doesn't know who or what these songs are. Give her a break la. She is young. 22 and single i might add.

Ross. The one man i can count on for some decent football chat and updates. The moment i walk into the studio it's football all the way. And we both play FOotball Manager 2006 and we spend lots of time analysing the game. It's wicked! One of the people that taught me a lot of what to do as a DJ. But he supports some useless football team.

Anu (also not her real hair) is the Asst. Programme Manager for MIX. She is also quite a chilli padi. But we sayang her. I am probably the last person she sees everyday cos she will come into the studio quite late (yes she works hard) to check on all the playlists for the night.

Mesh is the BOSS! Need i say more. He was also my boss when I was back in HITZ for awhile. He loves his squash and loves the occasional drink. He does all those voices for the Astro BOX OFFICE things you see and hear on tv.

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