Friday, September 22, 2006

Game review time!

As you might have already noticed i love my PS2. As most guys do. So to all the ladies who think their boyfriends/friends/husbands love their PS2 too much, well here are some positive things i have discovered with my PS2

- Saves me money cos i stay at home and play it
- My hand an eye coordination becomes better
- I have stronger fingers ;)
- I could be out getting drunk/high/in trouble/unfaithful/wasting money/eating accesively/breaking my ears listening to loud club mucis etc etc...

I think that covers it for awhile

So i am really fussy when it comes to games cos i think i got a short attention span but this game was different.

Anyway the game that i would like to review today is..

Ok the game in a nutshell is basically you play a character called Kratos who basically kind of made a pact with the devil. Or in this case a GOD. You killed and devastated lands and suddenly you found out all you did was wrong. I mean you were nuts enough to kill your own wife! So Kratos regrets all he has done and now has a chance to make things right and kill of the GOD that has made him what he is. Which is a ruthless heartless killing machine *whats wrong with that?*

One thins I love about this game is it's cinematics and the gameplay is awesome. There is always something happening in the foreground or background.

Yougot your normal level ups and you get some real cool powers. But the best is the slashing actions you can put out.

Also you get to deal with tonnes of different types of enemies. Each enemy has a different way to finish them off which is the collest thing i have ever seen.

The game is real detailed as far as monsters and storyline goes. But with every game there will come a point where you just want to give up. Word to the wise is don't cos it only gets better. And the ending is awesome.

Ok so thats my review if you want to know more click on the link below

if you are too lazy then read below. This is one of the more formal reviews i got off the web

God of War Summary:

God of war is an action-oriented adventure game with a strong focus on fast-paced combat. Players take control of Kratos, a mystically powerful hero in the ancient Greece of classic mythology. Kratos can perform super-human leaps, agile dodges, and magically enhanced combo attacks, which all flow together in a stream of intense engagement. The fast-paced, over-the-top fighting, combined with the tense environments and computer-directed camera angles, give gameplay the feel of combat-adventures such as Devil May Cry or Otogi.

Unlike those earlier blends of survival-horror presentation and combat-minded control schemes, however, God Of War is set in a world more immediately familiar to all fans of western fantasy. The ultimate goal of Kratos is a conclusive confrontation with Ares -- the god of war himself -- but the hero must face a deadly succession of monsters and villains from Greek mythology as he pursues this end. The Hydra, Medusa, the Cyclops, the Minotaur, and other legendary creatures will all have their chances to destroy Kratos before he meets his final destiny.

As God Of War begins, players see Kratos high atop the tallest mountain in the land. They watch as he calmly steps forward off the cliff's edge, in a determined, desperate act of suicide. As the cursed hero begins his decent toward what seems an inevitable, gruesome death, a flashback fades into the story's beginning. Only by playing through Kratos' adventure will players learn what led the hero to take that step toward oblivion. By playing well, they may perhaps yet influence his final fate. T.J. Deci, All Game Guide

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iris skye said...

Hmmm GOD OF WAR is too violent for my eyes!