Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My music video debut

So i was managing too phat and the rest of the phat family. We had a budget for the MTV so the producers asked me to be in it. THis is what i look like completely bald with no goatie. EEEEEWWW!!


Rick Low said...

Hi Pietro,
Congrats on ur new blog. Watched the clip. It is really awesome although i need to strain my eyes to watch it. (hope it does not affect my 3 yr old Lasik eyes)

When was this shot?

Rick Low said...

aiyak, i took back what i said... went to YouTube site n the video is slightly bigger there. haiya.. shud hv done b4 straining my eyes. sorry bro.

somandyk said...

hello pietro...im mandy...though u probly cant remember..im the 16 year old who wants so badly to wear prada! thank you for giving me a one in 20 shot at it!

p.s. the last thing i am is softspoken!