Monday, September 04, 2006

Amped & Dangerous

Before I continue on, I just wanna tell you a story. Before I became a radio DJ i worked for a company called Positive Tone which is owned by EMI. Our job was to try and make music in Malaysia just a lil bit more listenable. I mean we worked with acts like Too Phat, Poetic Ammo, Innuendo, Ruffedge, VE, Vince, John's Mistress (which i produced), Juliet the Orange and so much more. A few years back, my close friend Moots told me about an idea he had for a group. A lil bit Limp Bizkit and a lil bit Linkin Park. I was excited cos I was a big fan of both at the time. And once they showed me some of their ideas and demos I was hooked. Myself along with Izham Omar and Paul Moss knew at the time that these guys would be great!

Fast forward to the present and i look back and of all the artists i ever had the pleasure of signing and working with, Pop Shuvit is beyond a shadow of a doubt the proudest signing I ever made. As a note we had nothing to do with what they are today. I take no credit in making Pop Shuvit one of the biuggest acts to ever come out from Malaysia. Do you know they are bigger than Linkin Park in most parts of Japan! This is because the guys themselves are talented, matured, creative, passionate and disciplined.

Someday i see their progress and actually feel sad that I am not alongside them as their A&R Manager. But seeing them do what they do is very gratifying. I am proud to call these guys my friends and i am proud to have been a small part in the lives of Pop Shuvit.

Check out their brand new video "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie". Just as a note. The evil looking clown in the beggining is my housemate Murat aka Ze German

Their new album Amped & Dangerous. PLease look out for it and spread the word on Pop Shuvit.

The 3rd album from Pop Shuvit titled 'Amped & Dangerous will be released on the 23rd of August in Japan. It will comprise of 17 tracks. The album was recorded over a period of 5 weeks at their own studio '2105 Productions. Malaysian fans will have to wait a while as the Malaysian release will only be targetted around the 4th Quarter of the year. The first single fro the album 'Pump Up The Stereo' is already on the airwaves and to be followed up soon with music videos for a Malaysian release.

If you want to know more please click on the link


rick said...

oraito. will share this among my friends...

Wai Sie said...

It's always nice to meet some Malaysian Pop Shuvit enthusiast or rather in your case their ex-colleagues. I must say this was the band that made it for me. Before Pop Shuvit I had no care whatsoever for the Malaysian music scene, completely zilch.

In my opinion one reason to why their soooo... popular in Japan is their originality. Yes, the idea originated from Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park but they took this style and made it theirs. Their tracks by structure and sound are absolutely original. You don't see many bands with repeated lyrics in their songs go far do you?

Anyway, the thing that made me really fall in love with them is their PR. Man, the first time I logged into their site, Rudy was online and I just left a message on the tag board stating that they have not added me in on myspace. The next second, a private message came appeared and guess what, it was Rudy asking for my username. Remarkable. And if you ever search the words "JD Pop Shuvit" on blog sites, you'll almost definitely find JD replying to both detrimental and beneficial about Pop Shuvit. That’s called ultimate passion.

PS: Since you’re a radio DJ, keep playing Pop Shuvit’s tracks, the most recent being Pump Up the Stereo.