Monday, September 12, 2005

The first

Welcome to my brand new blog. This is probably the first time i am using a public blog for the world to see. I used to think that having a blog for the world to see was a tad impersonal but i figured it's easier for people to figure out whats been going on in my life without having to ask. Of course for the sake of privacy of my friends I will ommit names when i feel necessary. Of course there will be useless jargon everywhere on this site just me lamming over daily events whenever i can fit it in.

Okn ow that the discalimers are done, on to the good stuff. My name Is Pietro Felix and I work in a Malaysian radio station called If you wanna check it out it's 92.9 in Klang Valley. Or you can log on to the official website at

I am 29 and a child of Penang.

It's a Sunday and what a hectic one. I guess when you are older you can't really stay awake for 24 hours and go buy on 3 hours of sleep a day. We had a live OB today so i played button pusher in the studio while them orning crew did a live broadcast from the curve. It was fun cos i did not have to worry about going on air.

Went home and slept for a few hours before going over to hartamas for some dinner.

It's been a mind screwing weekend cos i think i sort fo screwed up things with a friend. Oc course that was not my intention to do it on purpose. But i guess being my normal crazy self i did things without thinking. So hey if you know who you are then i apologise. I shall make it up to you with chocolates or any way i can think off.

Lots of things going through my head these days. But i shall not get into detail about it.. oh boo hoo!

Until i can figure out how to classify this blog i shall leave it as a daily itenary of my day. So you can see that being a jock is not just going on air and talking. We have lives dammit!! hahaha. So this entry is a welcome mat for you to delve into the daily routine of a radio jock.

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