Monday, September 26, 2005

Penang Update

Well it's been a few days but here's the low down on whats been going on.

Headed down to Penang early Saturday morning. BUt our driver was real careful till it took us a good 6 hours to get there. It was the longest drive i have ever taken to Penang. Of course the drama in the bus did not help la. But i should not go into it any. But lets just say i have found new heights of anger and also found out that my threshold for patience is extremely high. ALso found out that when i am tired, angry and screaming my voice cracks. Pretty funny actually.

So we got back and I took the guys for some Penang cuisine which they enjoyed, I hope. Brian and JJ were impressed with my fav drink in Penang. It's called Pat Poh Guleng Pheng which is basically a herb drink with milk. Yum.

Sundays dodgeball was pretty cool. If you haven't played it yet i highly recommend it. It's like so like fun! Hahaha. Me a lot of listeners and had fun. But it was a real tiring night.

Went out with Jo and some of her friends to this place in Penang called Bed which is where i am right now actually. Very nice interior. VEry chilled.

Today nothing happend except a day with the nephews. Took them to the peadiatrician which was a bit of a new thing for me. TOns of screaming kids.

Ok highly boring but obviously i leave the juicy details out for reasons of public viewing. But like the title of this blog says. If you wanna know more then just ask me.

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