Saturday, September 17, 2005

Late worm fools the bird!

My day started at 6.30PM! Well what do you expect when i only fall asleep at 10 am. Woke up to a bunch of missed calls so was replying to all of em while still slowly waking up. I guess eveyone is used to my schedule already cos everyone was just like "oh wake up already". Wanted to meet Coery but i guess my timing was out so she had already gone home. She was in damas so she thought we could hang. Ended up in ah siaus place playing winning eleven

Melati called. SHe's a good friend that just came back from the UK. Was supposed to meet her but it was sort of geographically out of our way. Ok basically we were lazy to drive to kl la.

Ended up in breakers. Slow and warm night. Ended in a lot of drama. Shall not talk about it here cos some ppl might get upset and i do not want to accidentally say the wrong thing. But don't fret. Things were settled out of court. Hahahaha.

Ended up with Siau at Nathan corner for some good ole fashione maggi goerng and teh ais. And since it was almost time for work.. went home took a showe r and on the air i go. Till 11 am.

ALl in all it was a pretty eventful day even tho it started at 6.30pm

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