Thursday, September 22, 2005

I love Archie Comics

Thansk to my oldest best friend Ben, for reminding me about the morals on Archie Comics. Good one man. Hahahah. Damn i miss reading archies.

Pretty uneventful day and yet eventful Finished work at 6 am and decided to go to the gym to relieve some stress. Thank GOd i went if not the day might have gone a different direction. Got home about 9 am slept almost immediately. Woke up at about Was pretty excited cos i was gonna watch Stomp tonight. But die to unforseen circumstances and maybe some miscomunication, lack of sensitivity, lack of planning and lack of common sense.. I could not go.

So passed my tickets to a friend. Well I guess the cast of Stomp has to wait for me to go check them out some other time. SOrry guys. I know you were looking forward to meeting me. Hahah.

Andrea called today. Thanks babes for the lil pep talk. It helped heaps.

Had dinner with Moots and Murat. Riza and Farah joined us. I was just kidding when I asked both of them when they were gonna get married. ANd Riz coolly said June next year. Wow he IS getting married. Congrats to both of you!

Spent most of the night shooting the breeze and offering Moots some advice on work. Got real fast and started making my way to work. Was real early so hung out in the ERA studio for awhile.

Eventful yet uneventful.

Note to self. Archie comics has a lot of good lessons!


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Jo said...

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mak-farrah said...

hi, just found yr blog today. enjoy reading it. my 10 yr old girl also love Archie comic and she will look for it whenever we go to bookstore. i also read them, but not as much as her. l enjoy listening to you guys everyday on my way to office. keep up the good work. peace..