Thursday, September 15, 2005

Need for Speed!

No i don't need drugs. had a good day today. Woke up at about 5 pm and then was just walking aimlessly round the room wondering what to do. Of course a few ideas came to mind and ppl to call but decided that i would stay within the confines of my condo. Ah siau called to have dinner so we met up downstaris and ate.

Wondering what to do next we went over to h is place to play PS2. Ironically the PS2 belongs to me and i had to play it in his house cos he borrowed it a few days ago.

It was fun playing Need for Speed Underground with someone other than the computer. It was a good evening. And then off to work we go.

Was thinking of my lil dilemma. Damn how do i get myself into shit like this all the time. Hahah it's fun i guess. Gives you something to think about. And then life is all about choices and I guess everyone you meet has something to offer you. I know i am speaking greek right now. But i don't want to offend anyone.

SLow night. Not many callers. Then started chatting with Psycho C. It was good fun. Yo Cheryl, thanks for the laughter aaaiiigghhht!! You the coolest shiet! Can;t wait for you to come back!

Overall it was a pretty laid back and cheap day!


u ta said...

wasaapppp!!! greeetings from america..

~ÇhêrÿlliciOusS©™~ said...

ehhehe....shout out from Psycho C in Minnesota!! pleasure is mine...keep laughin',chillin',crappin'...and all those "nonsense" u do best!*hahah*

-peace out-