Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tuesday nights rock at Bulldog!!

The day started out kind of slow. Woke up about 12 and went for lunch downstairs. Hung out and went online and did some work. Was not much to be done. I did wanna go shopping but in the end deciedd to save it for thursday since I had to go to town anyway.

Went home and finished a few more episodes of CSI. Was awesome. On the phone with Sal for awhile. It's nice to talk to her every now and nice to catch up.

Headed to down to Bulldog to meet Moots, Murat, Ash, Faizull and Jimbo. Was a good night cos there was this guy playing there. One man show. He was real good. So if you ever feel bored on a tuesday night then Bulldog is the place to be. And you will most probably see me there chilling out. You aremost welcome to buy me a drink hehehe.

We were playing rapping games and all that. It was fun just to be with the guys for a night and doing the guy thing.

During the Singers 3rd set he played a lot of old songs. Brought back memories and since some of the guys had 1 too many we were having a real good time singing along. Altho some of the songs did bring back some not so good memories and at certain points i did feel sad.

Thought about certain things and how things sometimes does not work out for me. But hey I guess life is like that.

Decided to up my vacation time a bit with a trip to KK. Since Pop Shuvit wwill be heading down there for a show i decided to tag along with them and party there. Plus accomodation is free and all. It will be a good release to go out of the Peninsular.

So i am really looking forward to that. Plus who better to go with than with my favorite band. Might give me a better perspective on whats going on with my life now and maybe some thinking out of the box. Yes am at one of those "What do I want in my life" points in my life.

Note to self ; Don't let life fool you.

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