Monday, September 12, 2005

Of chickens and balls

Today was a lack of sleep kind of day. I finished work as usual at 6 am and hung around with the crew for a bit and had a few laughs with them. Headed home and could only fall asleep about 8.30. Yeah i know. But i had to wake up at 10.30 to make it back to astro for a 12 o'clock meeting. I thought i would go home early and sleep for a few hours before heading down for a game of futsal with Rooster. If you arewondering. They are a british rock group that came down to just do a lil bit of promo.

In the end, being the stubborn me, i stayed ina stro till 5 and had a crosss with the cruisers and rushed down to ampang for the futsal thingie. It was ok la. Lots of screaming fans and our usual shenanigans.

Finished and had food with Brian and Skeletor. Now am in breakers contemplating what to do next. Only had about 2 hours of sleep and am still going strong. GOnna crash all of tomorrow and chill.

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