Saturday, September 24, 2005

I got kicks!

Well I finished work at 6 am but we had a meeting at 12. ANd thinking about the drive home, showering, trying to sleep and then having to wake up in 2 hours and driving down to work and then chasing for a parking spot, I decided to stay in the studio till meeting started. It was fun. Lots of laughs in the studio with the Morning Crew. Rudy and I severly suffering from sleep deprivation ended up laughing about almost nothing or evey lil thing.

Meeting was nice cos there was food! After it ended Ean and myself headed down to Sungai Wang for some shopping. He bought a PSP and I bought 2 pairs of kicks. For the ebonically challenged kicks=shoes.

Was already dying to sleep by the time we were on our way back to astro but made it there and then home. Wanted to sleep through then remembered I had to go to Jo's place to pick something up for her to bring to Penang. Luckily she said i din have too. SO i woke up at 12 and decided to stay home. Played some games and watched CSI till almost 5 and then showered and headed off to work.

Thats where i am now. Waiting in anticipation to go back to Penang today and more so playing dodgeball tomorrow and meeting listeners. So if I don't fill this space ofetn in the next 10 days it means I am way too busy relaxing on my holiday to write.

So have a great weekend and an awesome holiday.

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