Monday, September 19, 2005

Do not watch "Camp"

Ok this is the first time in years i would imagine that i have woken up so early on my own accord. And the worst part was i wanted to sleep more but couldn't I basically fell asleep trying to watch the MU Liverpool game which ended in a draw. And that was at 10 pm. So i woke up early. FInally after much argument withm y body i decided to get out of bed and get out of the house. Had a nice lunch at Flamin Js and went over to midvalley to meet coery.

Ended up watching movie with her. Ok word to the wise. Please do not watch "Camp" no matter how good the cinema ppl claim it is. We were basically torn with "Lords Of Dogtown" and "Camp" But the ticket counter girl was telling us that Camp was a good movie. Duh! We had more fun laughing at the bad acting and real stupid story line.

SO the movie was a disaster. We ended up meeting Sarina and I was doing some work and helping her with her laptop. I guess we were all tired out and i had already been awake and going non stop since 8 am. So am now sitting down waiting for my dinner.

Was supposed to go to the after party for James Brown tonight but due to unforseen circumstances it was cancelled. Well at least for me. So I guess the Godfather of Soul has to wait till he comes down the next time to meet me.

Am planing to go to Sungai Wang tomorrow to get some clothes. BUt knowing me i would probably take a raincheck.

Here's to a good day minus the movie part.

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