Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Fun but not so fair

Today started off slow. Went over to Flamin J's for a Philly CHeese Steak Sandwich which i haven't had in a few eeks. Sorry Jason! Then headed over to Dome in Seksyen 14 to meetJaime and Jessy for a drink. Never knew they had a dome there. It's actually pretty nice. And the staff is extremely perky!

Headed 9over to breakers just to chill out in familiar environment and thought I would try and qualify for National FOosball Finals. Unfortunately not enough people. So decided to join the gang at the Euro Fun Fair. Lots of fast moving, sky high rides. And of course me being a chicken shit when it comes to heights. I decided to stay away from the rides. Unfortunately got a pretty distressing call and had to take care of some family matters.

Once settled decided to go back to breakers and rest my mind again. And lo and behold.... in the end there were qualifiers!!! So sux!

So all in all it was a good average day la. Looking forward to thursday night tho.

Quick question. Should I shave my head bald. I know i got short hair now la but should i skin it??

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