Thursday, November 17, 2005


Ironically the hardest part i had starting to write todays entry is the title. Ok "Salivate" is the name of the club upstairs of Breakers where i was spinning tonight. FOr thsoe of you who have not been there. It's got real cool decor. It's basically a lot of bed with pillows all niec and white with tables on top. So you can chill to the max. It was their first ladies night tonight but the crowd was slow. People only started coming in at about 11.30. I am sure it will pick up in weeks to come. But it was cool cos I wasn't just playing... i was practicing.

I am actually soooo tired. I can hardly focus now. But work goes on as usual.

I am supposed to go for a wardrobe fitting. Why you may ask? Because your friendly neighbourhood Radio Icon is going to act! Yeah lil ole me. Well it's no big deal. Astro TV is basically doing this learn english segment called "Speak English La" So it's basically teaching english the malaysian and humurous way. Each episode is gonna be 2 minutes long and it will be on all channels on Astro. It's cool! Hey it's a start ok.

I play a chinaman. Now i have not seen the script yet but i guess we shall see if it flies. Am nervous, anxious, excited. A bundle of things la!

Signing off
Pietro - Radio announcer, club dj, emcee, foosball player, talent, and now ACTOR!! hahahah

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