Thursday, November 03, 2005

Movie Review - Excorcism of Emily Rose

Right the title alone will tell you that it's gonna be a screamer. And like the hype said it is true. The movie is awesome. Now it's not all scary and stuff. The movie is basically about a courtroom drama.

Emily rose is a child who claims to be possessed and after numerous psychological testing and medication does not seem to get better and calls upon the help of a priest. Now she knows, the familyknows and the priest knows that sheis being possessed. But somehow another, the law states that she was killed by the priest. SO it's a legal battle between law and belief.

The one thing I really liked about thism ovie is the balance that the writers created. Whether or not you believe in demons in the end you will still be skeptical either way. The balance is basically for every religous piece of evidence that the defense had, the prosecutors had a scientific explanation for it and vice versa.

Now of course the "scream" factor is 10/10. Even when you know that something is gonna jump out and scare the ba-goo-goos out of you, when you prepare with all your might and gather everysingle ounce of courage you have,... It's not enough. cos you will get freaked!

Definetely recommend watching this movie if you love thrillers. And if you don't watch it anyway to scare the ba-goo-goos out of your system.

Good drama/thriller. My rating 9/10

*WARNING - Satans voice caught on tape
**WARNING - Do not watch anywhere close to 3am
***WARNING - Do not bring a date with long fingernails and shrill scream.
****WARNING - Keep an open mind.

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