Sunday, November 27, 2005

Arsenal win again!

Yes if you have not discovered yet I am a fan of Arsenal FC. Simply because of Thierry Henry and they play great one touch football! It's too early in the season to figure out how they will do at the end of the season but fingers crossed!

Had to go for an event in Luna in Pan GLobal Building. Never been there before but i must admit i love the concept. It's open air with a pool right in the middle and you can sit and gaze at the KL lights from up there. Oh yeah it's on a rooftop. Good date spot or chilling out. Although it was a nice place to hang but it was not really my scene. If i ever go I have to go wtih my friends or on a quieter night. Too many people and felt pretty pretentious but it was for the support of an old friend.

Headed on down to Bulldog for a friends post engagement party. Good fun. The best part of the night was the Chicken and Mushroom Pie i had. Amazing! The rest of the night while everyone was busy with their drink i was glued to the TV watching football. Yes pretty antisocial but was not really up to chit chat except for the occasional laughs and teases.

Learnt a new german word today.. "Depp" which means "idiot" and "Du Depp" means f***ing idiot. Hahahah.

Came to work once i went home to shower and change. I am getting worried cos I am actually so wide awake. Like my body has completely turned 180. It's gonna be crazy during x'mas since I am gonna be living in normal time while am in Penang and after that I will be doing hyperdrive.

GOnna laze at home most of the day and then head on down to Hartamas and chill out in Mont Kiara and just do some aimless surfing!

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Norway Freddie said...

It is good to know you are likeing the Arsenal; I too like Mr Henry. I am hoping to be seeing the Arsenal play soon when I am going in London for some time.