Thursday, November 24, 2005


Brand new movie out in cinemas. It's called Zathura. Now if you enjoyd Jumanji then you will definetely enjoy this one. It's basicaly about 2 brotherss who find a board game and the end game comes to life and in the end they have to complete the game in order to get back to the real world. Very very cool movie. I really enjoyed it. And the 2 kids that played the brothers acted real well. And the comedy is awesome. Highly recommended!

Other than that life goes on. Today was a slow night in breakers so I decided to go up to Salivate and spin for awhile Good release of tension.

Need to go see a good chiropractor and and get my whole body cracked soon. Just a lot of pent up stressed hitting my neck and back.. Everything is all tensed up, so a good cracking is required.

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