Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Spinning again!

Yes I am spinning again. Breakers has a club upstairs called Salivate in Hartamas. Nice place. So i am spinning there for their first ladies tonight. Hip hop again it think. Free drinks for the ladies till midnight. Ok now i got the promo out of the way.

It's been a nice couiple of days though it was an amazingly tiring weekend. I thought I was gonna be so sick at the end of it. But I survived. Although my voice is still feeling the strain.

Saturday night was cool cos it was the FOrt Minor DJ spinoff. Nice evening with good friends!

We had a lil cookout thing In Murats place. I made the cheese sausages. Basically all the leftover food from the barbeque was thawed out and cooked. GOod food man. Then went over to Breakers for a bit. Had a good time scarid Edwin. Another victim of the Excorcism of Emily Rose.

Had to send Mal home and ended up chatting for a few hours. Was nice. Nice to meet nice people always.

Today was laid back. Woke up at 3. Headed down to flaming and then off to breakers. Spent most of the evening replying emails and updating and fixing this blog cos somehow or another if you noticed the tag board got cut and i placed a new one.

Having a brain of dillemas now as usual. But no worries! I shall overcome! I hope!

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