Saturday, November 12, 2005

Thank You!

Ok before I go on and tell you about the night at The Loft. I need to thank so many people for coming and supporting me and making that night such a happening night. The Bulldog Clan, My amazing Cruisers, My foosball dawgs, My 2 beautful gymnasts, Ladies A'la Carte, Labels, The amazing marketing team of Hitz. GOsh you guys made the night amazing. I felt such pleasure playing to some of the closest friends I have right now.

Im ust admit i was real nervous cos it was all my friends. Of course my mixing was not perfect but hey, you guys liked it didn't you! I felt alive spinning again! Especially during the old school set.

Oh oh.... the thing that freaked me out the most! There was a banner in the front of Zouk facing the street with my name in large fonts! And I mean large! I never ever seen my name so huge before. Don't worry, pictures to be uploaded here soon cos something is wrong with my Picasa. SOon ok

Now the good news is Loft has asked me if I would like to do this once a week. Every Saturday night. They said that I brought in a good crowd. Yes my music selection had nothing to do with it. They said I brought in the right people. Yes this means YOU!!! The not so good news is I have not agreed to it as yet cos that means I would sacrifice all my Saturday nights! ANd of course I can't expect everyone to come everytime I DJ in a club!

It was an amazing night for me personally. Cos of my friends! It's nice to know that you got good friends that support you eh. Thanks all! I promise I will rock the house again!

Don't worry, pictures of the night coming soon!

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uta said...

Dude! Good to hear about it man. Will be there the next time I'm in KL.